Modifications and conversions

With our competent team of mechanics and our service partners, we can convert, modify and redesign a fully existing milk collection vehicle according to your requirements upon consultation and agreement.

Possible conversions:

  • Modifications to the reception technology
  • Modifications to the components of the milk reception technology
  • Dismounting or even converting the entire milk reception technology
  • Altering the pump technology for conveying other media (water, for example)
  • Conversion of the stainless steel tank superstructures for collecting and delivering water
  • Conversion of the stainless steel tank superstructures for use in agriculture (liquid fertiliser, liquid manure, etc.))
  • Disassembling complete tank superstructures or even transferring them to a different chassis
  • Repairs of damaged tank superstructures to a feasible extent
  • Refining of tank superstructures (renewing marbleisation, adding insulation, etc.)

Other conversions that are not listed are also possible. Ask us!