There is always the opportunity to rent vehicles, tank trailers and tank vehicles for various uses from our current range of vehicles.

  • For bridging lost times (accident, etc.)
  • For bridging time at the garage (service, etc.)
  • When conversion/switching work is being done on the vehicle/superstructure
  • For bridging capacity bottlenecks
  • For transporting liquids (wine, water, etc.)
We prepare and detail the vehicles accordingly ready for use as a rental. This includes a technical approval of the vehicles (TÜV and/or safety test) if necessary, servicing and functional testing of the suction and metering systems of the milk collection vehicles, cleaning of the tank down to the calibration of the metering systems.
After registration of the vehicles, we can provide a briefing about the vehicle technology at our premises when handing it over. We can also deliver the vehicle to its place of use.
If there are any problems that you have, we are more than happy to find possible solutions to them with you.
Contact us directly!